Session 4: Warning Systems; Natech Emergency Planning, Preparedness, and Response

Klick on the links below to download the presentations:

SP4.1 Necci on Natech Emergency Management
SP4.2 Sabanashvili on Natural Hazard in Georgia and Natech Emergency Planning
SP4.3 Lestari on ARDEX (ASEAN Regional Disaster Emergency Response Simulation Exercise) 2018 Scenario Development - Natech Disaster Risk Management
SP4.4 Torres on Earthquake Early Warning Systems – a Real Solution for Reducing Natech Risk
SP4.5 Girgin on Stage-Wise Approach to Natech Early-Warning and Alerting for Efficient Interoperability of Analysis Systems
SP4.6 Deelstra on Methodology for Estimation of Downtime for Natech Accidents
SP4.7 Vatenmacher on Hazardous Materials Plants Post Earthquake Evaluation