Session 2: Natech Risk Analysis

Klick on the links below to download the presentations:

SP2.1 Kelly on Impact Assessment and Managing Natech Hazards
SP2.2 Sari on A Holistic Risk Assessment Method for Storage Tank Terminals Considering Domino Effects Triggered by Natural Hazards
SP2.3 Girgin on Natech Risk Assessment and Mapping with RAPID-N
SP2.4 Köppke on Model for the estimation of debris flight and the potential damage of steel tanks by windborne missiles
SP2.5 Andres on Technical Rules for Plant Safety (TRAS) 320: Safety of plants for hazards wind, snow and ice loads
SP2.6 Ohno on Countermeasures against Large-Scale Earthquakes at High Pressure Gas Facilities in Japan
SP2.7 Araki on Characteristic of Tsunami Wave Load on Cylindrical Storage Tank
SP2.9 Raap on Measures due to flood hazards at Seveso-Sites in the Netherlands